Saturday, December 29, 2012

How YouTube Influence My Life

Well, actually i'm doing my assignments now. But after some sub-chapters, i think i should take a 'rest' :D umm.. and then I watched Tanner Patrick. I like him very much! His eyes, his lips, his voices, his arrangements, his music, his shape! haha. i like him! He is a YouTube artist. yes, YouTube.

My connection to YouTube became very intense since I found Jung Sungha. He is a fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea. I love him! I started watching him when I was in the 11 grade of highschool. From YouTube, i watch his every single arrangement, i know his lastest news. YouTube made my love to him bigger and bigger from day to day. Sounds ridiculous, right? But that's what really happen to me! I never have any idol before. But now, YouTube made me finally found mine. haha. And do you know, I watched Jung Sungha's Concert in Jakarta last November! I never that crazy. haha

Ryan Higa, KevJumba, Boyce Avenue, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Tanner Patrick, and Jung Sungha. I they are who I like to watch :D

YouTube brought them to me. Thanks, YouTube.
You influence my life that much! hihi

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