Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Easy Our Life Today

i just bought a t-shirt online. ya. i did online shopping on the very first date of 2013. suddenly I realize, how easy our life today is.

lemme tel you the chronology, i just woke up around 9 and still on the bed until 12. when i left my bed, i turned on the lamp and my laptop. i open my web browser, automatically signed in into twitter. watching the timelines running. the only onlineshop I follow just retweeting others online shops tweet. i attracted, i clicked on their websites. i found t-shirt. i wanted it. i look for the FAQ page on the upper right of the website. i found their contact to order. i texted the number, they confirmed. they ask me to transfer the money before 4 p.m. i'm too lazy to walk to the ATM. and i've forgotten my BNI internet banking password since the first time i established the account -__- and fortunately, there is still BNI SMS Banking. ya, i did the trx in seconds. i confirm my payment to the online shop. they confirmed again that they already received it and the stuff will be shipped tomorrow because today is holiday of course. New Year~

last week i also did this. in the middle of the night. actually it was 1 a.m. I did online shopping, and did the transfer at that night (or morning) too. the system made it possible to automatically calculate how much i should pay include the shipping fee, gak kayak online ship yang barusan--well actually mostly the online shop use this system. and online shop yang aku cerita di awal aja yang aku tau transaksinya lewat sms--and the stuff arrived two days later. no, it was one day later because the night (or morning) i made the transaction could not counted as the day before. i mean the date already over. and the transfer was trough internet banking. 

see? how easy our life today!

I'd like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my MOM, my SISTER, dan also DAD for being that very kind to me giving me that amount of money every month. I am so grateful. Gak semua orang punya kesempatan buat bisa hidup semudah ini. Terimakasih banyak :) I promise i will pay it back. In my way, of course. 

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