Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(A short post of whining wika)

Moving out become such a very huge deal for my self. New place isn't just about new excitement, but also about new fear. Mostly fear, I guess. We fear something because we don't understand it. That's it. I hate the feeling of not knowing my new place. 

My previous stay was just super comfort. I got everything there. But then, something force me to move out. I used to move out gladly. But this time, i don't think so. There's no such a significant motivation to trigger me.

Should I move? I've tried several times and failed. Once more, i said to my self. This time, i have to make it. 

Really? Should I?

Moving out my body physically is easy, but...

I am going to be super sad. Leaving my old comfy place, leaving all the memories. 

Should I?

*office phone ringing*
*talking on the phone*

I just got a bad day. Super bad day. With heavy rain.