Friday, June 14, 2019

A Note To Myself in The Past: Try More Things

Underestimating myself when I was in school and uni, then I found out that I can do beyond.

I wasn't confident for my ability in doing so many things like designing posters, winning a competition and so on. At the end, I didn't try any, I didn't know if I was good enough.

The thought of "I wouldn't win that or I'm not capable of producing that" is a real toxic back then. So, I stayed in my comfort zone. My productivity fell to the lowest point.

Until I was pushed to a position where I have to do those things. I did. I finished my essay with great feedback. I got a nice prize for my poster.

I also made several captions and visuals for my community's Instagram account. I know maybe it is not good enough if we're talking about real campaign/publication. But still, I let people see what I've made. I'm no longer ashamed of my work. I'm helping not only my community's campaign, but also myself in self acceptance and confidence.

If i could turn back time, i wish i could try more things during that time. I shouldn't be worried of those silly thoughts.

Why didn't I do it since uni? Sayang sekali. But it's not too late, right?

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