Friday, February 18, 2022

Karya-karya lain yang saya tahu dari lagu lagu alt-J

Let me take you back to my Monday, 15 Feb 2022. That morning post shower: earworm. 
It was from alt-J's new album that was played during shower. That wasn't my playlist.

10 minutes before the last station, i started listening to the album, from the beginning, orderly. 
2 songs and Kranji already. The loop paused. I had to take off the airpods.

So much work to do but i keep that on repeat with some pauses between calls and meetings.

My favorite song from the album already decided by the evening. 
I didn't know what was the song about. I just really like the string part, sounds familiar but i dont know that it is.

And as always, that's the beginning of the digging~
Lucky that today you got music app with lyric and a brief about the song in it!!! 
Yep, Spotify got it all.

So, I go through each song all over again. Checking the the storyline whenever i feel intense or heard something interesting.

There is this one song that hypnotized me with the lyrics and the guitar part following it:

I started thinking what is this song about? Is this about someone who is trying to move on?
Then the storyline reveals the surprise: 

Suddenly I remember how this band always introduce me to another piece of art. From children book, old movie, even a famous statue in Verona!

I promise myself to write the in one post. So here it is:

1. Breezeblock
This song went viral on tiktok couple months ago but i managed to not get annoyed hehe.
So they took a sentence from an award winning children book titled "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. It's about a boy and his weird dream. There are monster like creatures in his dream say "Please don't go, we'll eat you up, we love you so!".
I even bought the book, tho. Well my sister did.

2. 3WW
aka Three worn words aka I love you.
Same story, i didn't know what this song was about so like what we all did, i google it. At that time, spotify hasn't got the lyric in it but genius was already reliable. And of course, wikipedia always there to help. I copy it here:
"The chorus refers to the statue of Shakespeare's Juliet at the Casa di Giulietta in Verona, which has been damaged by excessive rubbing by the hands of visitors eager for good luck in love."

I woudnt know there is a statue known for good luck in love in Verona! 

3. Matilda
Basically, they made as song based on main characters in a movie, capturing the relationship and a part of the storyline. The movie was "Leon", i think i also watched it in youtube long ago (or was it just the MV?). I cant remember the story but it's about Matilda (the girl) with Leon (the hitman). Oh i just re-read the wiki, Matilda was Natalie Portman!

Edit 20Feb22: I actually did watch the movie i even wrote a short review here.

4. Happier When You're Gone
I mentioned this earlier. And it is very clear from the story line.
I actually like the lyrics a lot and currently on repeat~
They're just soooo cool making a beautiful song in a form of response of a famous song. It blows my mind.

And just like the statue, I wouldn't know there is this "rock standard" song even Hendrix has his own version.

There are more than these 4 songs inspired by pre-existing piece of arts but I like this 4 the most.

So that's it.

The first post of 2022 is about my favorite band.

Anyway i hope to write more this year. Wish me luck!

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