Sunday, October 23, 2022

What Changed Her?

I don't know what's the trigger. All I know is that I act differently this time.

She used to be that person who stays in her comfortable room, get food delivered to her place, having the least conversation and rarely walk around to see the neighbourhood when she first moved to a new place. She was too reluctant or shy or scared to have an interaction with human. It took so long until she finally open up herself. I don't know why.

This time, on her first day, she surprised herself. 
She walked around comfortably, dragging herself to see what's around, where she might sit and sip coffee (or choc). 
She even met and talk to people everyday on her first week in this city. 
I don't know what changed her. 

Is that the repeating Batur hiking? Is that the conversation she had with that guy from Bumble?

Mungkin karena ia baru menyadari, waktu yang ia punya di setiap tempat yang ia kunjungi sekarang bukan tidak terbatas. I just don't want to waste my time by just staying in my room while there are so many interesting places, persons around me. I want to see them all before I die. I have to!

I still don't know what change her, but sure I am happy that she starts writing again.

Maybe it's the conversations with guy from bumble and that surprisingly long conversation with her friend's little sister.

Fuck it. I'll start writing my feelings again. 

I'll go to those places I've never visited here in this city. And as an assignment, I'll write anything including my feelings in those places.

Wait for it :)
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